His Dead Mate

His Dead Mate

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Austin Kalin ➰ By MommaShifter Updated Sep 06

Drunk driving is a big problem in the world. One wrong decision can possibly end someone's life. That's what happened to Kasey Walker.

She and her two younger siblings were heading home from a movie when their lives changed forever. Because of one drunk driver, Kasey lost her life and her siblings lost their old sister. But God had plans for Kasey. He made her a guardian angel.


Zale has been the alpha of the Riverwood Pack ever since he was 18 years old when his father handed it over to him. Kasey was his human mate, but all that changed when she was killed. He felt a piece of him die and he has never been the same. Three years later, he felt a change. When he wakes up on morning, he felt the feeling of warmth spread through his body and he questions it.

Now that his mate is a guardian angel, will they ever be able to be together?

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Hey, I've been wondering if anyone is willing to make a cover for me, I'll tag you and everything! If not maybe you know someone who does? Anyway, just DM and I'll tell you the title and all that jazz! Thx loves💕
I'm a Christian and I'm not at all offended. I know this is just a book and I've read far more controversial things I'm sure.
roserocket1 roserocket1 Aug 18
it's fine we understand that it is fiction and not real, and I read your books because it is amazing.b.t.w I am also a Christian😜
It's a fictional story for a reason, dear. Nothing is realistic. I'm a Muslim, and I don't care.
I'm a Christian and it doesn't offend me. I know it's just a story:)
I'm apart of one of the rarer religion I'm a wauist look it up if you don't understand