laugh » l.t {editing}{c.s}

laugh » l.t {editing}{c.s}

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✖ s t e p h  ✖ By meIodies Updated Dec 25, 2014

❝ I promise to always give you a reason to be happy, to smile and to laugh ❞

- - when the weight of the world comes tumbling down on your shoulders and you have no one by your side to help you through - life can be tough and one person, who knows that is delaney. but maybe, just maybe, when one-fifth of the world's biggest boyband steps into her life - having issues of his own to deal with - can happiness be restored on both sides? can they both be given a reason to l a u g h - - 

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purelylouis purelylouis Jun 27, 2015
The top Louis is wearing in the cover, is the one he wore to my concert omg
inkedmalik inkedmalik Feb 19, 2014
aw this sounds so cute already and I love the trailer. I can't wait to read more :)
dolefuI dolefuI Feb 02, 2014
Okay, this book I can tell is going to be so cute. I can honestly feel how well Delaney feels. You also don't make her life out to be some sob story, there's a hint of sadness, I mean she hasn't laughed for awhile, so that means something right?
                              I can't wait to read on!
Liz_Vega Liz_Vega Jan 15, 2014
I really like this idea. Can't wait to see where you take it :)
paynesbay paynesbay Dec 02, 2013
quite lengthy for a prologue, but i liked it ! it was well-written. voted.
paynesbay paynesbay Dec 02, 2013
perfect cast! ;) i love that this is a louis fic. so sic of reading harry fics on here. lol