daddy issues (hs stepdad)

daddy issues (hs stepdad)

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vål By bdsmstyles Updated Jan 18

❝ Your pussy will be the death of me princess. ❞ 
❝ Lets just see about that daddy. ❞

 After a 16 month relationship, Matiana discovers Louis has been cheating. Things go down hill. Matiana craves dick. But nothing suits her like her stepdads. After fucking around with each other, Harry catches feelings for his stepdaughter. Matiana turns 18 soon, and this is just a blessing to Harry. But is it to Matiana? Harry wants to move back to his hometown, and start a new life with her, just them, no one else.  
But, Matiana isn't too sure about this one. She likes all the local dick she can get, yet she know's Harry's is the best. What does she do?

 Translations available. Message me details please.


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