Daddy Issues (Harry Styles Daddy Kink)

Daddy Issues (Harry Styles Daddy Kink)

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-violet By bdsmstyles Updated Nov 30

❝ Your pussy will be the death of me princess. ❞ 
❝ Lets just see about that daddy. ❞

 After a 16 month relationship, Matiana discovers Louis has been cheating. Things go down hill. Matiana craves dick. But nothing suits her like her stepdads. After fucking around with her stepdad, she catches feelings like nothing before. Harry is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Is he in love with her? Or is he in love with her thick body, round ass, plump lips, perky boobs and tight pussy? 

 Translations available. Message me details please.


Sundoll190 Sundoll190 Sep 11
Yaaaaaasssss someone with my body type!!! Im so happy!!! Thank you so much!!!
Catlilia Catlilia Jul 25
Go ahead and cry little girl
                              Nobody does it like you do
                              I know how much it matters to you
                              I know that you got daddy issues
                              And if you were my little girl
                              I'd do whatever I could do
                              I'd run away and hide with you
                              I love that you got daddy issues
Thats is so creepy cause that butt looks almost exactly like mine except mine is a little bigger the hell
sammy550 sammy550 May 08
Tbh the only reason I clicked here because of the title (Daddy issues) ahhh I love that's song by TNBH