Royal Academy {DISCONTINUED}

Royal Academy {DISCONTINUED}

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SEMI-HIATUS By scriptura-delirus Updated Oct 04, 2017

So, this is my first applyfic, don't hate please! I hope you have fun applying, since I always love applying to great applyfics. This was inspired by Shannon Hale's "Princess Academy". I love it. If any of you love reading, you should read it! It's really good. I guess this would be a kind of historical fic, but with more of the medical stuff we have now. Like, if you got into an accident and you're somewhat blind like my character, the doctors would be able to fix it for a high fee. So yeah. Saranghaeyooooooo

One kingdom. One academy.
Twelve princes. Twelve girls.
The choosing has come.
All girls, from seventeen years of age to twenty-one, must come to the academy.
Which academy, you may ask?
Royal Academy. Where the selected girls become royal.
This year, a lucky twelve will be picked out of the hundreds of students.
Will it be you?

Undergoing major editing. I may not update much over the next few months.

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GingerCat749 GingerCat749 Jul 05, 2016
Goodness, I feel totally terrible because I can't pronounce any of these names
keonamor_xoxo12 keonamor_xoxo12 Feb 16, 2016
How can she be nice and like mean at the same time by oranking ppl
GingerCat749 GingerCat749 Jul 05, 2016
Just by reading this part I know that this story is going to be FANTABULOUS!!!! (I think that how you spell fantabulous)
HeraONCracK HeraONCracK Aug 11, 2016
No way!!! Are by any chance Korean? If you are that's so cool. I know a little  Korean.
celestial4threstral celestial4threstral May 10, 2016
Okay.. #1 We both like kpop  #2, you've read Princess Academy #3, Lets be best friends!!!