Why Hearts Should Speak

Why Hearts Should Speak

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I felt the tears well up and I didn't even fight to hold them back I just let them fall. "Hey, hey come here" Jake said as he enveloped me in a hug, his strong structure comforting, a sense of security washed over me. I could stay like this for hours. 

He pulled back as his hand reached for my cheeks. His soft touch felt warm against my cheek, our faces are inches away. I felt his eyes on me as they searched my face, my face turned red under his intense gaze, I avoid his gaze for the longest time before we finally locked eyes. We just stood there lost in each other's eyes. I felt his gaze travel down to my lips, and out of habit I  bite my lower lip his eyes travel back to my eyes and I can't help but look down at his full lips as well imagining how they would feel on mine. 

I feel him lean in, and my eyes fluttered shut. Just as our lips were about to connect a car's horn interrupts us and Jake abruptly pulled away as my heart sank. "Shit"  Jake says running his hand through his hair avoiding my eyes. 

  Jenna: Quiet, Clumsy, Shy, Nice and overall a good girl 
  Jake: Player, Rude, Arrogant and overall a bad boy
  Combine the two what do you get? You gotta read to find out!

Just added cast characters to intro chapter (New Beginnings) with pictures if you wanna check it out. 

If you love a good cliche with twists and turns this is the book for you.

  Hope you guys  give this book a chance it is my first fiction book. First 6 or 7 chapters are a bit short and slow in progression  because I wrote them a while back, but I promise after that the book gets into so much more depth and detail you won't regret giving it a chance.  All the reads, comments and support is appreciated so much!

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