Life Changing(Rated R)

Life Changing(Rated R)

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kklyons12 By kklyons12 Updated Aug 02, 2016

(*WARNING*; Strong Sexual Situations, Language)
Kloe was a 18 year old werewolf who had just gotten her wolf side.

 The first time she went on a run by her self it turned ugly when she ran into vampires chasing there pray, a young girl. But what happens if she saves the girl? What will it cost her? Her pack, family, and friends? And what about her future, if she finds her mate? 

But Kloe is kind and caring... so she saves the girl (Kara) and becomes a rouge to protect her and her pack. Now they are on the run together. But things happen that are terrible and messed up situations will come at times, but will they keep out of the vampires hands or die trying... and lets not forget.... how will all this madness affect the sweet, innocent Alpha's daughter, Kloe

  • love
  • sexualcontent
  • violence

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