It's Just Business..| Odell Beckham Jr.

It's Just Business..| Odell Beckham Jr.

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There may come a time in your life when you feel like you need to get up and make a change, even if that meant quitting your job, moving across the country and leaving your friends and family behind to better yourself.

Twenty four year old Emori Justice did just that; but her fresh start wasn't so fresh. She went from living alone in a two-bedroom condo to living out of her car struggling to scrape up cash to treat herself to a nice meal every so often. 

Her success was starting to look very dim, that is until one of her PT patients offered her the opportunity of a lifetime but only under one risky condition--she had to marry a complete stranger...A stranger whom just happens to be Mr. One Hand Catch himself, Odell Beckham Jr.

When life gives you lemons, make a diamond ring. After all, it's just business...right?

***Content Disclaimer: We all know how close OBJ is to his family, unfortunately that will not be the case here. This story will heavily alter those relationships so do not expect this to be a typical OBJ fanfic. The only thing that remains the same is his personality, his orgin and part of his football career. There will be fictional family members, teammates and close friends with the exception of Jarvis. From time to time I will create fictional settings so many places mentioned may not be in the location stated.

***Mature Language: There are many interracial relationships within this story. There will be racial discrimation and inappropriate racial slurs that may offend some readers. If you are uncomfortable with that, do not read.

*** Other Mature Content: Some chapters may not be suitable for a younger audience. Many chapters will contain, sex, drug usage, alcohol abuse, and violence. If you are uncomfortable with that, do not read.

AntiJ2xx AntiJ2xx Jul 25
Hell she prolly is sometimes you mfs be blinded by the pussy yall cant think straight
xox_kai_xox xox_kai_xox Jun 26
If I'm with a man and the whole family didn't like me and had no respect for me best believe I'm not staying with him I'm leaving before thing get too serious
C0leW0rld C0leW0rld Jun 23
Lol right white women gross 😂 but that's me as a sister my brother is a coon though so I actually don't want him with any black girls I love him as a brother but he can keep that shxt we don't need men like him 😂
xox_kai_xox xox_kai_xox Jun 26
*Random comment* The whole my son never hurt nobody or that he was a good boy always crack me up when I here that on news because for him to get shoot randomly he had to do something to somebody
🤔 what if the government got off their ass and did something????? shít like this wouldn't happen
kaayalsina kaayalsina 3 days ago
i thought if the ball was handed off before the time was over the play could keep going after the time so it doesn’t matter if he runs out of time.