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✖️ MUCHI ✖️ By _ja_crispy_ Completed

When Mom said we were moving, I was a bit upset, but mostly excited. France is really big and we've been living in (State) for as long as I can remember. It's such a small state and most people rarely think about the state alone.

I pack my bags to leave as I see the beautiful sun begin to disappear beyond the horizon.

Remembering my video diary, I grab my camera in excitement. Ever since Dad moved to work in Illinois, I've been making daily, short videos about what's been going on lately with me and Mom.

"Hey Dad!" I begin,"We're finally moving in to Paris like how you always wish we would. We're just finishing up packing our bags to leave for the flight! Oh, oh, oh! Look! The sun is just setting." I turn the camera toward the sun and back to me with a smile and a wave. Then I end the video with a simple Goodbye.

I turn off the camera and send it to my father. It won't be much trouble in Paris, though. My family originated in Paris, and no matter where we were, we always spoke flue...

My mum posts embarrassing pictures which apparently 'look pretty' and posts them to Facebook 😑😑😑
Me: *points the camera to the blinding sun and turns the camera back to me* Yeah I have to go but *smiles* Good luck dad
NightBlaize NightBlaize Oct 29
Lol, my mother's face in this story is VERY ACCURATE to my real life mom xD
Osacora Osacora Oct 31
Does that at all remind you of someone? 
                              Hint hint: Sam and Dean from Supernatural?
NightBlaize NightBlaize Oct 29
This is probably the first thing I would do if I come to Paris....
                              Probably not since I'm broke
If Ladybug don't want him I'll have him, I mean at least he'll have someone as hot as meh to flirt with 😉