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boss // hs

boss // hs

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caroline By lana-del_rey Updated Jan 01

"daddy is the boss now, baby girl"

the story of a modern-day romeo & juliet romance between the father of an international mob corporation and the precious baby girl of his mentor

ms_style_malik ms_style_malik Oct 17, 2016
No one body should look like that without Photoshop just saying
livelylittlelou livelylittlelou Apr 28, 2016
it makes me so annoyed when ppl continously hate on characters and are like "im really starting to hate her" like ok???? stop reading then???
Simba_Rose Simba_Rose Jan 20
It's Harry tho. I'd be the biggest ho for Harry. I'm messed up 😂😭
Pinklips0095 Pinklips0095 a day ago
That sad moment when you cant afford food from the dollar store
SeacoastStyles SeacoastStyles Apr 17, 2016
I hate when people do that. We make the characters annoying and hoe-ish on purpose
The only thing i splurge on is food because im broke as FÜCK