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Tamsincanfly By Tamsincanfly Updated Jul 10, 2013

Esther is your average teen vampire with minor anger management problems.                      Yeah... No biggie!                                          

 When she is forced to go to human school, Esther fears the worst- but she finds herself making friends with a  girl named Zoë and a super hot guy called Seth.                                                   
Little does she know, there's more secrets in the little school than she realises even hidden in those closest to her.                                                               ------------------------------------------------                                                                               Esther hits a wall when she encounters forbidden love- something that she has always been against and has never really considered happening to her because it is the one thing the elders are allowed to execute you for taking part in.
But will she be able to hide her feelings for Seth any longer, and will the threatening voice in her head be discovered?                                             The supernaturals will have to fight for their freedom to love, and for their lives.              But  will love survive the brutalist battle in the supernaturals history? With fire in their eyes and faith in their hearts- they blaze for for their upcoming rebellion

  • adventure
  • romance
  • supernatural

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