Holding Onto You (boyxboy)

Holding Onto You (boyxboy)

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"So you're blind?" "Yes" "Well just so you know, I'm hot." 
Hunter has been blind since he was two and has been home schooled all his life. He has grown into a very optimistic blind 17-year-old boy and hates violence for a very good reason. It's his final school year and he wants to go to the school his twin sister Heather is at. Heather is a popular girl in school and no one knows she has a blind twin brother. 

Vincent is the most popular jock and also the most violent, aggressive, impulsive and hot-tempered guy in high school. He is known as the 'angry young man' by most teachers and feared by all students. He has a soft spot for defenseless kids who are constantly bullied for being gay or weak. He gets into violent fights every week with Brian who is a homophobic bully and the principal is on the verge of expelling him.  

Join Hunter and Vincent as they get through their final year with the help of new friends, anger management and each other.
A story filled with friendship, love and a helping hand.

http_bertie http_bertie Aug 07
*mostly came here because it's bxb and I saw a (probably unintentional) TØP reference in the titleeeee :)
ILL BE HOLDING ILL BE HOLDING ONTO YOU sorry i had to say those lyrics lol
I just slapped myself so many times. I read this in like January and then when I got an acc a few months later I couldn't find it at all and know I found it and I'm happy
That moment when you find out two characters are from The Vampire Diaries
Just for the record, I'm wondering if the Author knows the song 😂
Are there any k-pop fans here who're reading boyxboy stories bc it's hard to find good fanfics?