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A Second Life | One Piece Yaoi Fanfiction

A Second Life | One Piece Yaoi Fanfiction

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Papers on the Edge By Megane_to_Papers Updated Mar 31

Memories, they are said to cease once a person dies and goes to his next life. Even though it's what mostly say, they don't have a solid proof that being reborn is possible and memories truly fade away.

But for me, I am a different case. It must be because of my mental power that caused me to remember everything in my past life. To be reborn again and then carry the heavy weight that i had back then, I would almost hope that I forgotten everything of my past life.

Then again, what can I do? I am only but a person, not a god. The strings on my neck and fingers are nothing of my control. Even fate is still playing with me. There is nothing I can do... but resist the flow of tides like I have always used to.

|THIS STORY IS TAGGED 'YAOI' BECAUSE OF IT'S HOMOROMANTIC AND HOMOEROTIC THEMES ABOUT MEN. THOSE WHO ARE HOMOPHOBIC ARE ADVISED NOT TO READ THE STORY. But to those who are interested can take a peek. Just remember that i already had written a warning and don't want to point it out again.|

AmnesiaCat101 AmnesiaCat101 Aug 10, 2016
HELL YEAH!!! Once your in the dark side you can never go back into the light~ be warned
Ball_of_Awesome Ball_of_Awesome Jun 09, 2016
This reminds me of naruto you know the one with that bubble thingy
SmonsterTIME SmonsterTIME Jul 01, 2016
H Omo tea is my fave just add a little sugar and spice and thars my perfect hcup of tea maby you should try it