Perpetuity (August Alsina)

Perpetuity (August Alsina)

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BeautyAndTheBrain By BeautyAndTheBrain Updated May 26

Head full of hair, mind full of thoughts, flat footed when she walks. Quiet, but outspoken, mediocre but extraordinary, simple but complex. 

Crisp hair line, mind full of thoughts, a certain swagger in his walk. Outspoken, but reserved, sarcastic but sincere, coward, but brave. 

God bless the black kids still true to themselves even on the block where the crack lives. Roots so deep they'd probably touch the ocean floor. But understand these kids unapologetically black, growing from the strangest trees these black berry babies got a lot to carry.

A BeautyAndTheBrain and GoldenGoddessR collaboration.

Adonis is a handsome young man and also a god of y'all didn't know that, he also one of a kind too :)
lehua_707 lehua_707 Apr 05
Yall shud listen to August Alsina while reading this story it helps you imagine his voice and his body and all that good stuff bout his fine ass
                              just saying especially no love
JalynDonise JalynDonise Jun 27
Stupid sh*t? Baybeh, ya woulda been in the dark.. lawd, Ion like her & I just started readin' this 😫
golddengoddess golddengoddess Oct 15, 2016
I Wish I went to that college but iam going to another college I choose to go to
LegitNari LegitNari Jun 29, 2016
I love everything about this book already ...Ima go ahead and take this journey reading it ...see how far it goes😪😘💯.
MixedChick___ MixedChick___ Aug 25, 2016
My cousin's name is the same but spelled Adonys. He is too cute❤