Silence is a virtue. (Draco x Reader)

Silence is a virtue. (Draco x Reader)

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You were in house Slytherin, true it had an outstandingly bad reputation due to the dark witches and wizards that were once part of your house but you didn't let it bother you, in fact, you were the only Slytherin to join Dumbledore's Army. You knew you were different to most Slytherin's.

Draco Malfoy, Prince of Slytherin was one person who you, fortunately, got along with. He was just much different to you and his morals were all over the place but you knew that this was his façade, his way of hiding who he truly was, hiding behind his Father's name and anyway else he could. 

You knew secrets about him and in turn, he knew things about you. Until one day he takes it one step too far and you don't know whether you can trust him anymore. 

Draco Malfoy, Prince of Slytherin, will he ever be the same person you knew at age 11? Maybe you are the same as Harry Potter? Read to find out...

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LivingForChaos LivingForChaos Dec 24, 2016
Just started to re-read the story and I have to say wow. I'm so amazed
cillawelsh cillawelsh Jun 19, 2016
I love it when people say stranger than usual or weirder than usual because they're basically saying "duh they're strange every day"