Fox River's Female Inmate

Fox River's Female Inmate

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Ayame676 By Ayame676 Updated Jan 30

Convicted killer, Felicity Dillon, has become the only known woman to walk the grimy, tainted walls of the all-male prison Fox River Penitentiary. She has her reasons of why she did what she did, and she doesn't want it getting out. The valuable information of her past getting out to the disgusting, pig-like men she has to now call her neighbors, would only put her through her nightmares all over again.

When Warden Pope puts her in a cell with a mysterious man she thinks she can trust but is too scarred to want to try, her life sets sails in a whole new direction.

Will her cell-mate take a liking to her? Or will he let her fend for herself in a pit of dogs trying to take a bite for themselves?

I love prison break. I just started the show. I love this story so far. Thx for taking your time and writing this!!!
Dude… I stumbled on this in my feed but I didn't expect to fall in love with it… Holy hell. Thank you!
Liv_Aaron2 Liv_Aaron2 Sep 13
Awee Sucre^^ 
                              (And like he's stated before, he's not mexican(or Spanish) he's  Puerto Rican!!
And if my sister called the cops on me (none of them would ever do that) I would not be tgere sister anymore
I didn't know i needed this story in my life until now. Im in love
Rand0mz Rand0mz Jun 15
For how old Prison break is it's amazing. I just started season 2. Love your story btw your a amazing writer