Captured By Mr. Mafia (KBMM)

Captured By Mr. Mafia (KBMM)

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|DonutBeSad| By AiWiF_babe Updated Sep 20, 2016

Cover made by: @urmine5 

**Caution: Unedited**

"He values me. He would never be in the position to lose me. How? He never did." -Aliyah Zaman. 


"Stop Vincent, just stop!" I just smashed another glass on the floor, and it broke into pieces.

"Don't tell me what to do, I'll just keep doing it." I said laughing harshly. She held her hand up, ready to slap me, but I grabbed her hand and gripped harder and harder. 

I slammed her against the wall, and she let out a whine. Oh innocent Aliyah. 

"Don't you ever try to slap me or I will kill you, understood?" She nodded her head and I let go of her. 

"Now... get the fuck out!" I shouted and she ran out the door as I kept on laughing. 


She didn't see this coming.

Yet he saw this coming. 

She couldn't trust anyone.

He said to her to only trust him. 

That's all. Just trust.

BlissfullyElegant BlissfullyElegant Apr 18, 2016
Did she bring her stuff with her while kidnapping, as he is asking het to pack up her stuff
readnerdsread readnerdsread Apr 15, 2016
OMG 😂 never expected this to be a Muslim character (btw  I'm muslim)
ur-only-mine ur-only-mine Feb 03, 2016
I m loving ur book!!! Its really gud!!can't wait till u update
UmmFirdaous UmmFirdaous Sep 18, 2016
Allah doesn't send tests and trials in one's life without a reason , it's to filter the faith of the one being tested and test his patience
ur-only-mine ur-only-mine Feb 03, 2016
OMA!!! I m in love with it!!! I love the first chap!! Its really gud!!! And u HAVE to update fast plzz .....pretty plzzz
AlliaSediik AlliaSediik Dec 25, 2016
Wallah just becaus the heroine has my name and her bff has my bffs name i am reading it and trust me it s amaizing