Ten Days (Yaoi BoyXBoy)

Ten Days (Yaoi BoyXBoy)

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Kou ♂ By Akikou Completed

WARNING! Yaoi BoyXBoy!

Sono Tsukiya has always been unpopular, overweight, and bullied through his years of high school. His life was dull with the same torturous cycle everyday. 

One faithful morning as he was storing away the softballs for gym, he made an encounter with the most popular guy from school: Tomohisa Kazuya. 

Tomohisa dates a new girl every ten days. He is known to be arrogant, and narcissistic. Sono decides to befriend him on better terms by asking him out for the trial of ten days just for the hell of it. 

Ten blissful days with Mr. Perfect. Will these ten days be a dream or a nightmare for Sono? He would have to find out during his trial of unattainable love.

Djane808_ Djane808_ May 10
4'10 120lbs I'm 21 so I'm way past my growth spurt stage 😂😂😂😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Djane808_ Djane808_ May 10
Haahhaha if that was me I'd be slightly offended 😂😂 especially since he's chubby .
Bro I fell in love with anime after like 2 minutes of naruto
I'm sorry but I was also thinking that 😂😂😂
                              I am a bad person 😢
5'5 and 183 lbs. he's adorable, but I can really relate to Sono.