Walking On Broken Glass  ~ Dylan O'brien Fan Fiction ~ (Watty Awards 2013)

Walking On Broken Glass ~ Dylan O'brien Fan Fiction ~ (Watty Awards 2013)

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Katherine "Katy" Pepper is one tough cookie. She's spunky, different, likes to dye her hair, and is not afraid to speak up. She likes 80's rock, blasts Pink!, like crazy and hopes to someday achieve her dreams of becoming a famous singer and to be like her role model Annie Lennox. 

But one day, fate decides to put things in motion for her, and she falls head first into the arms of one of her younger sisters celebrity crushes.

Thats right. 

Dylan O'brien.

Katy and Dylan hit it off perfect, right from the get-go. But Katy soon starts noticing his sly movements and comes soon to find out that Dylan is cheating on her.

Raging mad, with anger and possible PMS, Katy storms out of their plush L.A. house and moves back with her family to Sonoma, California on her family's winery where she still continues her rising music career and tries to get over the heartbreak of Dylan.

Which apparently comes easy for her. . .

Until fate, a year and a half later, decides to bring them together again.

And Katy is ready to get back at Dylan. . .

And make him Walk On Broken Glass

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- - May 26, 2015
Literally I'm so proud of Dylan he's come so far and he's in my fav book series ever and I literally was crying when I found out he was playing Thomas
notnowcalum notnowcalum Sep 30, 2014
heartisloading heartisloading Sep 29, 2014
I am so proud of him. He has grown up so fast and i cant take it. I want to meet him so badly, i dont even get why i read ff anymore, it just makes me want to see him even more.
SareiM SareiM Sep 27, 2014
Both are amazing  saw maze runner last night and my babe performed amazingly 
Elizabeth_xx_ Elizabeth_xx_ Dec 24, 2013
OMG KATY!!! I love her. She's fabulous. xx nice job, Holly!!! <3
Christine_holly_88 Christine_holly_88 Jun 24, 2013
@femaleniall thats awsome! And yes! I do love them! Perrie is my fave:) I do love her with Zayn, and ship them big, but I truly think she would look better with Dylan:) Just sayin'! Glad you like the story!:) xoxoxo