Wanting that Dragon Slayer (Sting Eucliffe x Reader) Book 2

Wanting that Dragon Slayer (Sting Eucliffe x Reader) Book 2

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animuruinsyerlyfe By animuruinsyerlyfe Updated Jul 03

It's been a while since the all the crazy events at the Grand Magic Games. Now it's over and you have returned back to Magnolia, back to your guild. You are now also with Sting, and since you stayed with Fairy Tail you have to visit him once in a while. He can't really visit you because he's the new master, so you are just going to visit him. 

At first when you left Crocus you stayed in Magnolia not seeing Sting at all. Now is the time for you to actually visit him though. 

On your visit with Sting, certain events occur, causing many problems to happen. Members of Tartaros have come to kidnap you. You have no idea why, and all you can think is how this is ruining your time with Sting. 

What secrets that you have kept will be revealed to everyone? Why is Tartaros after you? How will Sting be apart of all this?

Am i the only one thinking that because this is a compitition to be the next ruler of the village, i have to stay there? Cause if i win i will become the next ruler?
Omfg Lol. I was gonna use flame my oc's exceeds name but Lol alright! I'm lector now
I was thinking she should stay dressed like this and go surprise Sabertooth!! 😁
Z- Lector the man who doesnt care what you have to say kids!
Yeah and they're soon gonna be wrong once I kick their butt!
HeyItzMegz HeyItzMegz Sep 13
It's sting, he realised that you chose lector, imagine if you chose sting for your name