The Boy Next Door//Bad Boy

The Boy Next Door//Bad Boy

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Everything changes when "The Boy Next Door" moves in. He's mysterious, he's full of secrets. 
Shawn and Jenn fall for each other.
Their love is forbidden. When the line gets crossed everything just explodes and tumbles down. 
Will Shawn tell Jenn he's a gang leader?
Will he tell her she's in danger?

|| bad boy fanfic ||


Guys please don't steal any of my content, I worked really hard on this story.

- - Aug 21, 2016
If her name is jennifer thats better but if its just then then im sorry but im gonna puke
This sounds stupid af 'I'm not gonna lick the window man" LMAOO I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING 😬
Trannelilz Trannelilz Sep 20, 2016
Ive never thought that people in Canada live in igloos (btw Australians don't say 'gooday mate's and wth is 'strimp on a Barbie' ) but I've always wondered if the people in Greenland/ Iceland live in igloos because like it's snowy near the northern lights right?