An Awaited Reckoning

An Awaited Reckoning

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Jade Braddock & Co-Creator G Thomas-Martin By JadeBraddock Updated Oct 15, 2016

This is a story about life, death, and rebirth. A realization that no one's consciousness is without its regrets, that love is not always eternal...  and yet through suffering comes the ability to find one's self, to achieve the strength to fight for something worth living, and above all else, never give up.

   Devon Andrews, a twenty-one year old woman with a hard and challenging past. Found on the doorstep of an orphanage in northern Canada, the only clue to her identity was a locket inscribed with her name. 

  Devon's life takes a terrible turn on the night of the solstice lunar eclipse: the 21st of December, when she arrives on the doorstep of her boyfriend seeking answers to his disappearance. After ending their relationship, he had vanished from work for a week, and during that time, Devon had discovered a possible pregnancy. Accompanied by the night watchman, they find Derrick's bloody body on the floor of his condo, and the nightmare begins: a creature from within the dark, a pain cut deep in her shoulder, the death of two men, and then under the shadow of the eclipsed moon comes her death and rebirth. 

   Thrown into a world werewolves, into a once-forgotten ancient culture -- a dynasty under the guidance of the last of the druids. Her existence becomes the possible start of a war between two families, one given gifts by the Gods, the other created through dark magic, both with their own secrets and agendas. 
  Through a series of events both planned and out of her control, Devon must run the gauntlet between these two families to earn her place, training to take her boyfriend's position as the next successor of the life he hid from her. If she doesn't succeed, then the laws against her could bring a worse fate.

  "An Awaited Reckoning" First instalment of the Solstice Moon Series.

 "Sometimes the death of one girl, is only the beginning of something greater"

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EvanStubbs EvanStubbs Feb 01, 2016
Great start! The detail really captures the scenes in your mind.