Two sibling, One bocchan... (Sebastian x Ciel | SebaCiel)

Two sibling, One bocchan... (Sebastian x Ciel | SebaCiel)

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PhantoMichaelis By LeviBabyHeichou Updated Feb 03

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Sebastian was utterly sure he will either die whilst working in his office, be the one to take care of his sister's future children, or retire peacefully in a manor full of cats... (He favours the last one greatly)

The 27-year-old male devoted his life onto climbing up the corporate ladder all the whilst caring for his beloved sister, Elizabeth. As perfect of a brother he is, his strong bond with Lizzy will be facing high waters upon the arrival of the new CEO and heir to the Funtom Corporation, someone who caught the attention of the aloof and uptight Sebastian Michaelis.

Can he uphold being the perfect brother? Or for once, be one hell of a lover?

*I own none of the characters mentioned in this book. That right belongs to Yana Toboso..*

Published: 28/8/16

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slytherinsupreme slytherinsupreme Apr 24, 2017
Just sky, but if you're trying to be poetic I guess it's an exception.
ThePhoenixWings ThePhoenixWings Jul 16, 2017
I feel like in every fanfic Sebastian always is unusually attracted to his car
_-OrangeFox-_ _-OrangeFox-_ Jun 21, 2017
I swear this book reminds me of 'Satified' by Hamilton.
                              Ciel-Alexander (Hamilton)
Is it weird that I've never learned french, but I was able to guess what all of the french words were in enhlish?...
Looking at the translation notes for the French, thinking about how much I know even though I have only done two years of French after three years of Spanish and realising how much I already know.
Wisteriakat Wisteriakat Feb 14
Ah, I'll roll with it for the sake of the story but it actually only means "Sky"