Dan and Phil: Chosen

Dan and Phil: Chosen

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❄️ChristmasLester❄️ By VictoriaEubanks Completed

Two people meet by chance; one is a werewolf who didn't  know he's a werewolf until he's 21 and a vampire prince who hasn't been out of the castle since he was three. 
          What happens when Dan buys an apartment and finds Phil in his new home? Will they become friends or will they discover each other's secrets and hate each other? Will their friendship withhold there century old rivalry? 

Find out in Chosen

Cover by @lionluver12

So I just like reading the names of the other chapters sometimes when I'm just beginning a book and the last chapter name made me laugh so hard and I don't know why. It's just 'subscribe to my channel' #noshame
I have to say, this is very good. But u might want to space out the paragraph's a little because it makes me very distracted so I imagine people are too
Phan_5_lyfe Phan_5_lyfe Oct 30
Vampires drink blood to get vitamin D because they can't go in the sun. Stop being so selfish and let the vampire drink your blood the next time you come across one.
physical lmaooooo, but istg I'm Phil and my brother is his brother
biiiiiiiiiiiii*20 million years later*iiiiiiiiiiiiiisssshhhh
Okay if my mom ever said something like that last line to me i would have flipped her off and started screaming. This is really interesting so far can't  wait to keep  reading!