Dan and Phil: Chosen

Dan and Phil: Chosen

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❌DarkLester❌ By VictoriaEubanks Completed

Two people meet by chance; one is a werewolf who didn't  know he's a werewolf until he's 21 and a vampire prince who hasn't been out of the castle since he was three. 
          What happens when Dan buys an apartment and finds Phil in his new home? Will they become friends or will they discover each other's secrets and hate each other? Will their friendship withhold their century-old rivalry? 
Join Dan and Phil on an adventure of a lifetime in Chosen

Rated 86 in Adventure

Quotes from Previous Readers
"Literally, I don't want it to end, it's so good! Can you please write a sequel 😂😂 please! 😂😂😅"
"Awww I don't want it to end😕 I liked the story😄"

Cover by @lionluver12

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dinophan dinophan Aug 02
Making him shiver phil to dan...I-I MEAN T-TOP TO BOTTOM 👉👉
NickiG3 NickiG3 Apr 14
I thought the title was 'I'm a meme' and I immediately looked up and said "same," then looked back down and realized what it actually said
tenaujahlee tenaujahlee May 09
Don't investigate how many times do I gotta say that. ( Low-key I'd go too I love wolves.)
dinophan dinophan Aug 02
I just realised that i haven't been fulfilling my teenager duties of chasing cars so I'm giving up on phanfiction so i can make up for lost time.
yoongchim yoongchim Dec 21, 2016
I almost read the title as I am the one I was watching a vine and that song was there
G-U-Y- G-U-Y- Jan 24
doesn't every normal teenager chase cars??or is that just the furries