My Open Door

My Open Door

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StacieKim By StacieKim Updated Jun 30, 2013

Anastasia Mirren has had amnesia for four years. She had no recollection of her previous life, apart from her name, until she started having dreams. 

Disturbed by what she saw, she checked herself into a mental institution - changing her name to Asia as well - in order to fix her problem. It's not like anyone would miss her, she woke up absolutely soaked to the bone in front of the very same institution she ended up checking herself into and no one came to claim her. She was content with her new life until a new patient showed up. 

Alec Eriksen is normal enough, but he seems to have a past of his own and Asia wants to find out what it is. Even if the dreams get worse. 

Will Alec be able to help her find out what happened? 

Does he know already?

*I've changed bits here and there to make it more realistic later on.*