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Jihye By Grandehrauhl Updated Jun 10, 2013

His eyebrows furrowed whilst he tried to place exactly who I was. I was nearly unrecognizable from the scrawny, bruised state I was in last year. Now I was strong. Now I was alpha. He suddenly realised who he was and gasped. "Aurelie?"

I smirked. "Finally." I replied in a bored tone.

My beta aka Darren tried to stop the laughter that was threatening to escape from his lips but couldn't hold it in any longer. He burst out laughing and the Beta of the Shadow Forest immediately looked away in embarrassment and ashame. It was safe to say that I was glad he wasn't alpha anymore. But if he wasn't the alpha... Who was?


I'm a hybrid. A freak of nature. 15 year old Aurelie "Elle" Summers ran away from her pack in search of her elder brother to try and find some answers about her past and what happened to her father's pack when they were young. Especially now that her pack no longer want her ever since they found she was a hybrid. They abused her, tortured and tormented her and Elle is lost and broken. But what happens when she finds a new pack who welcomes her in open arms? A year later, she now has a new name and a new family who love her even though she's half werewolf, half fae which is forbidden and against the supernatural laws. She's content and happy, especially now that she found her elder brother. She's also under the protection of the Senate. But she's young, she's female and she's a hybrid that  alphas of the other pack hate. They want her dead. That is, until circumstances change and she finds herself facing her old pack again - and they need her help. Now chosen alpha of her current pack she comes back with a determination to help them and then leave straight away but she's shocked to find that there's a new addition to her old pack. Seth Carlos. Her mate.

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