The Fallen Petal - Severus Snape and Hermione Granger Love Story

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Lola By Lolcia1998 Updated 3 years ago
Hermione found herself in a difficult situation, after the graduation party. She couldnt believe what happened and what will happen next? Is the man she adores going to make the move and help her or leave her all alone with the problem?
i am 65 and my boy friend of 11 years is 39...what does age have to do eith anything?   love is love...actually!
What the actual hell. That was an eventful study hall… 
                                    This is so disturbing and weird. He is 21 years older than her, and just wtf.
I never thought I would ship them but there are firsts for everything
It's a good start for what could be a great book but it's missing big parts and moving very fast if you slow it down and add more details it could become in increasingly better