Debut - DBY

Debut - DBY

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TheNewbieAuthor By TheNewbieAuthor Updated Jun 10, 2013

This is the story of four teenagers. They are going to the same party in separate groups. One night, four views of it!

Jenna is seventeen and she hasn’t done it yet. Her friends are pushing her. So as she promised she will find a guy at the party Saturday night and do it with him, but what if he isn’t there. What if the right gut isn’t there? What if she fails? Her friends say it’s easy. Just find a guy, do it and then you’re done.  They make it sounds so easy…

Thomas is an insecure eighteen year old boy. He doesn’t like parties, but his twin does. Tania is the party’s queen. He will only be at the party this Saturday because of her. For his sake he could have been home with a book and enjoy himself much more.  

Mathew or Mattie has a crush on wrong girl. He just really wants to get drunk and forget about all his problems. It doesn’t get better when he finds out that the girl of his dreams is going with another boy. What the hell can he do to make her interest in him? 

Tania is sick of her so dumb and different twin brother. Why can’t he be more like others? Like the cool guys. He is a nerd. A geek. She has to drag this geek-thing out of him. She hopes that this party can solve his and hers problems. Tania is going to go to the party with the most handsome boy in town, Derrick.

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