Broken Promises (a Dick Grayson Fanfiction)

Broken Promises (a Dick Grayson Fanfiction)

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Sila By theyenin Completed

«Started: 01/02/2016»

«Finished: 09/09/2016»

«I don't own Young Justice. DC Comics does, obviously.»

«Freezing over coldness was nothing. Freezing over words was... something that you would never want to go through. And, obviously, Johannes knew that.»

«A mission changed Richard Grayson's view of the life. With complicated emotions and unstoppable hurtful thoughts, young boy has to go through broken promises. While he tries to, new danger bumps into him.»

ZaraChan19 ZaraChan19 Oct 05
Hey!!! No using joker's nicknames for any reason! That shits not okay, Artemis!!
If Robin is calling Batman dad, wouldn't Robin be Damian Wayne?
SarilaZaman SarilaZaman Feb 01
Nooooooo..... Pls make that jack ass apologise. I have to read more. Awesome!!!!!!!!!
Abby_Smiles Abby_Smiles Oct 31
Like my forth time rereading this! It's amazing and gets me every time!
ZaraChan19 ZaraChan19 Oct 05
"I'm pretty sure Robins gay."
                              (YouTube it; are you gay, Robin)
Arra-chan Arra-chan 7 days ago
God dang it, it's only starting, and I'm already tearing up T^T