Ask And Dare BillDip And WillDip And Tomco

Ask And Dare BillDip And WillDip And Tomco

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billflyingdorito By billflyingdorito Completed

Wil: p-please ask a-and d-dare us

Bill: hey readers dare me to do naughty things with Dipper~

Dipper: no pizza for you!

Bill: what!? Noooo! Readers forget what i said!

Rev. Dip: (sigh) fools....anyways ask whatever you want....or dare

All: BYE!

kaerenee10 kaerenee10 Jul 31
*gives three days worth of tissues and earbuds playing MCR* I'm sorry for you
darkly45 darkly45 Apr 10
Here * give tissue * * go and put on wireless headphones so won't hear the sound and put the music very loud *
im_ohio im_ohio May 04
*grabs five boxes of tissues and gives them to u and sticks earbuds in listening to music and plays wrestling on Xbox*
Lalia04 Lalia04 Jul 20
I've come to the right place *eyes turns all black* *smiles creepily"
andy-the_killer- andy-the_killer- May 16, 2016
WTF?! what?! the babies are born! OH SH*T how did that happen 
                              please explain to me how did dipper,will and marco get pregnant
                              (sorry im late for the news LOL>:3