FUCK OFF Mr.Billionaire

FUCK OFF Mr.Billionaire

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disguised_sinner By disguised_sinner Updated Mar 20, 2017

"No, I will never do what want me to", I shouted at him.
"Oh baby, you have no choice", Alexander said calmly.
"Oh, I have a choice. I I'll walk away."
Alexander smirked on hearing this,"Babybird you can walk away but think about the consequence, what'll happen to your dad if you do so."
"I hate you. I I'll find a solution but never marry a devil." 
"Oh Babybird, trust me, you don't have time to figure out something and you love me", the devil said arrogantly.
" I hate you", I said defeated. I hate to admit but he is right and I have no choice and The asshole knows it.
"No you don't. Now what's your answer?", he stood and walked towards me
"Why are you doing this?" I whispered, "What will you get out of this?" tears rolling from my cheek.
"I get you." With that he wiped my tears and kissed me.

*  *

Elena, a feisty and stubborn who works in DeLuca Group of Companies and also studies.
Alexander DeLuca, sexy arrogant CEO of DeLuca company who gets what he wants. N he wants Elena

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XxQueenofSuccubusxX XxQueenofSuccubusxX Jan 01, 2017
Whaaa??!! nope! really, why choose the woman for elena?? Some1 more prettier? Would be better! No offence... Iam sorry if u feel bad about the comment!!