To be loved is bittersweet

To be loved is bittersweet

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Emily Elena By JuLyLaDyBuG Completed

Would you believe in love if you never felt it. No love from family, friends, not even a stranger.

What happens when your family sends you off to live with strangers, an old friend, they have 8 kids from 22 to 5. They look to young for that many kids.

I'm Skylar and I'm 17. I don't care for people and people tend to hate me.

What happens when everyday living with the Nash family brings out secrets and lies, love and heartbreak, when the walls I've built up over the years start to crack.

When you learn who you are and what the world brings to you, are you strong enough to fight or to weak and run.

Me I've always loved a challenge, but hey that's just me. 

Two sets of twins, seeing the world in a whole new light and let's not forget obsession.

From no one to the most important is very dangerous, can love save her or is it all just bittersweet.