Who Your Heroes Really Are

Who Your Heroes Really Are

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hazelnutbrandy By hazelnutbrandy Updated Jun 10, 2013

Its about war and how fucks people up. Its about what we don't see in our soldiers. we see a hero who has fought for freedom and has died for it. We don't see the people he has killed. If we honor our fallen we should also honor those who have fallen because of our "heroes". How many did your hero kill? And this freedom idea. Is that what we fight for? No. we fight for money. We fight so other countries will see us as kings when we win. 

 War isn't about what we think its about. I feel ashamed that my country goes crazy about one guy who has died in combat when truly we've killed way more. I care more about those who are our "enemies" because in the end they suffer more. And the minds of our heroes suffer.

 war will always go on. But instead of killing let's talk it out. war is barbaric. what happened to being civilized?

love as always,
Hazelnut Brandy

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