Come On, Kitty

Come On, Kitty

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🤘🏼 By wallflowerjimin Updated Dec 24, 2016

"Please, Daddy? I've been a good boy." 

"I'm sorry but no. You've already had three, you don't need another."

"But Daddy!" 

"I said no, Kitten. And no means no."

"I'll suck your-"


The one where Michael is a kitten and Ashton is his Daddy.

babyboyjoonie babyboyjoonie Nov 07, 2016
as i was saying, he better f u cking not or I'll beat him up
Jada I would like to let you know I am here and I am not going to stop reading, however if this book fückś me up I'm blaming you.
littlemikeybigheart littlemikeybigheart Dec 06, 2016
my poor baby on the streets?! how dare they kick his precious little self out!