The Vintner and The Vixen

The Vintner and The Vixen

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AlexiaAdamsCanada By AlexiaAdamsCanada Completed

It's all fun and games until someone falls in love.

Maya Tessier needs a fresh start after her last boyfriend dragged her deep into an organized crime ring, putting her life in danger. After inheriting a cottage and acreage in France from her great-grandmother, she hopes to escape her turbulent past to concentrate on her art. Unfortunately, her inheritance is within the estate of a privacy-obsessed billionaire. And he wants it all back.

Jacques de Launay has led a life of rigid control, working hard to repair the family's fortunes after his playboy father nearly destroyed them. His one attempt at happiness ended in tragedy when his pregnant wife was killed in a car crash. He'd rather be the last in the illustrious de Launay family line than open himself up to that kind of heartache again. Then Maya Tessier arrives on his doorstep and he discovers it's not only the ancestral land he wants to reclaim. 

But if he lets her stay, more than his heart may be at risk.

Induke Induke Jul 22, 2017
I'm sorry I know I'm being annoying but it's actually "Dieu merci"
Abujaarea Abujaarea Apr 17, 2017
Like seriously?!!....she can choose to drive fast and furious, u know
ShiaHolmes ShiaHolmes Apr 17, 2016
Just finished the first chapter and I must say it was very well written. I'm definitely going to continue reading!
marryyacarmela marryyacarmela Aug 27, 2016
Good Lord this chapter is aaaaamazinggggg!!!! Looking forward to the next chapters!!!! Why do good books get little reads... I don't get it. Anyway really amazing!
laverneileana laverneileana Sep 21, 2016
i like how the woman is portrayed... strong and not easily persuaded. loving it so far...
Are_You_Dumb Are_You_Dumb Jun 27, 2016
This book is totally worth it, and must I say author, you r an amazing writer