The Gangleader's  Love

The Gangleader's Love

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_Call_Me_Sparkles_ By _Call_Me_Sparkles_ Updated Nov 01

Meet Allison Grey the crazy and sarcastic teenager. 15 Years old and cusses like a drill sergeant.

Meet Andrew Valdez the country's most feared gang leader.

When these two meet....oh boy, they're gonna drive the world mad.

Allison goes to a new school to move on with her crazy life....well that's what she expected to do, instead she's dragged into the life of gangsters  that puts her and her family's life at risk and once she's in there's no way out.

Also there's a puppy, so that's a good reason to read this book

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😂😂😂😂😂no lie I actually started crying when she said she was Batman
_Deadbtslover_ _Deadbtslover_ Nov 12, 2017
Thai is literally what I did when I got my house 😂😂😂
Funny story my sister couldn't say truck so she would say fruck
deatheater713 deatheater713 Dec 21, 2017
In Ancient Greek culture throwing an apple at someone bent that you were proposing
aalove33 aalove33 Dec 08, 2017
Dude this book has me laughing on the 1st chapter. (When i read this i was in class while everyone was taking a test and i just bursted out laughing an fell on the floor everyone looked at me like i gone insane
EmmaRogowski EmmaRogowski Sep 06, 2017
I was laughing so hard when I read this I was on the bus and everyone was staring at me