The Gangleader's  Love

The Gangleader's Love

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_Call_Me_Sparkles_ By _Call_Me_Sparkles_ Updated Apr 12

Meet Allison Grey the crazy, weird, loud, happy and sarcastic teenager
She's your typical 15 year old Highschool girl.

Meet Andrew Valdez not only is he the complete opposite of Allison but also the country's most feared gang leader.

 Allison goes to a new school to move on with her crazy life...that is until she was dragged into the life of gangsters  that puts her and her family's life at risk and once she's in there's no way out.

I always yell at random people like that then they glare at me I flip
                              Them off bitches
😂😂😂 That sounds like something me and my friend would say.
TayJKnight TayJKnight Mar 12
**brought to you by Trevor Moran'a angelic like voice**
                              BABY!I FEEL YOU PULL ME TO THE DARK SIIIIIIIIDE!
I was laughing so hard when I read this I was on the bus and everyone was staring at me
cathy122602 cathy122602 Jul 15
It would have been even more better if you did the voice as well
Wait, your mom threw you with an apple, or threw the apple at you?