My Not So Fairy Tale Life

My Not So Fairy Tale Life

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Emma By JustEmma_123 Updated Jun 10, 2013

Cindy Ella Ballard is just your typical 17-year-old junior in high school, her mother died when she was at a very young age so it was only her father taking care of her. That may have been the reason why she wasn't a total "girly-girl" like all of the other 6-year-old girls in her kindergarten class. When Cindy was around the age of 12, and having officially starting puberty, her father decided she needed a mother. Next thing Cindy knows there's a strange woman with her two fraternal twin daughters moving in and suddenly her dad was married, the worst part was that Cindy knew that her new "Step-Mommy" was only in this for the money. Her dad made quite a lot of money.

About a month after Cindy's 14th birthday her father went out to pick up something for Kathy but on the way home he got into an accident, just as the paramedics came her father was slipping in and out of consciousness. He was declared dead just as they had arrived at the hospital.


It has been a hard three years without her father, Kathy and her daughters, Brooklyn and Kirsten, being no help and only adding to the suffering. Cindy has learned to cope with it with the help of her childhood friend, Felecia. After the death of her father, her step-mom took over the house and money then pretty much declared Cindy as some sort of house maid, making her clean and cook everything. She was practically living her own Cinderella story, the question is, will she get her Prince Charming?

Authors Note: 
I'd like to give a big thank you to lolita_zombie for all of her help, she made the awesome cover and helped with some of the names. 
Basically all of the characters are mine, everything that will happen in this story is my own idea. 
I figured there are a lot of stories out there like this one but I didn't copy anyone else's story. This is all me.

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