The Bosses Seduction

The Bosses Seduction

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Wolf By _wayward_ Updated Dec 01, 2016

"We don't do the love thing." 
Damien chuckled while wrapping his strong arms around my waist. He said it like I suggested the dumbest thing in the world. 

"But we'd like to please you." Damon groaned while tracing my inner thigh with his finger. 
"Please you until you cum at least 10 times and feel yourself on the verg of passing out." 


My Fathers brink of death brought me to the position I am in today, and even as crazy as it sounds if I had a chance to go back in time to change anything I wouldn't change a thing. 

Or maybe one thing, I wish I wasn't a virgin when meeting them. It would have made falling in love less possible or painful for that matter. 

Dirty Mind ACTIVATED. 18+ readers only Or Mature readers. This isn't hardcore bdsm or anything but just a little kinky sex and a hint of threesomes (:

kareros kareros Aug 18, 2016
i like your story 😃 this is the first book I've read from you and you already got me hooked. 😄
AngelicaNievera AngelicaNievera Jun 06, 2016
Update plz. Its been months since the last update author plz
shabbaaaaaa shabbaaaaaa Jul 23, 2016
Oh mah gauu. Please update because I need to know! This story is tew much but I'm loving it bihh (ba da ba ba ba)😂😂 lmaoo pleaseee
shabbaaaaaa shabbaaaaaa Jul 23, 2016
Lmaoooo😂😂😂 had to let em know that it will be legal in a month. Dead asf
WolfViperzxv WolfViperzxv Dec 15, 2016
Ok so she said know on the door before u enter and I couldn't help but notice..that..YOU DIDN'T KNOCK!!
MilzyStyle MilzyStyle Jan 15
She has just been told to be a do everything the right way so she won't get fired, and she wants this job, but doesn't knock when she's told to. 
                              Is this girl stupid or something? 😂