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Broken By BrokenCrazyPhan Updated Nov 28, 2016

(Y/n), a teen who has just moved to Paris, finds a bracelet one day after school. Soon she finds out the powers that this bracelet holds. 

Chat Nior falls in love with this new miraculous in town as soon as he sets his kitty eyes on her. He cant wait to show her what he is made of. And he gets his chance at one small play fight.


Irina's office (Miss Bitch) ( its an assassination classroom reference)
Taryn-Kairi Taryn-Kairi Jul 29, 2016
Dayum Chloe!! You just got roasted by yours truly~~~ 👾👾
MysticMessenger_707 MysticMessenger_707 Sep 10, 2016
I dont get how some people don't bath in the morning. They only bath before they go to sleep. I'm not being mean of anything. I just don't get why though?
BlackCanary17 BlackCanary17 Aug 04, 2016
Mr. Damouclues? I don't know how to spell it but that the principal's name
PrimroseTheFangirl PrimroseTheFangirl Oct 07, 2016
its so weird cuz i have blonde hair like Cholés so its really weird to read the story!😂😂
FaithTheGeek FaithTheGeek Feb 20, 2016
Why does Nino always have to miss a day of school?!
                              if he cones the next day, I'm be like "boy get on somewhere, I'm sitting next to vanilla cone yum yum face today!!"