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Without Him

Without Him

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RMA5142 By RMA5142 Completed

(Going through editing; ++ AMATEUR) Ella Daniels gave her heart away to Max Wilde, only to get it all crumbled up by him that one night everything between them ended after Ella made a shocking revelation. Nearly a year later, Max makes a sudden appearance in Ella's life but will he be welcomed back again after the way he treated her that night? This time, Ella is not only protecting herself but also someone else. Will he earn a second chance or did it all come to an end that night she left?

censia censia Dec 21, 2016
It takes 2 to do the tango and also it's not her responsibility alone you could have use a condom.
Kittycat1214 Kittycat1214 Aug 30, 2016
Umm you need to talk to him more lady! Yah he was just being a big bitch but if you loved him as much as you say you need to have another conversation one that's clam with him you don't just walk out!
She need to be careful you need to be careful you the one that sticks it in her so
bonitabanana bonitabanana Nov 08, 2016
How is the author gonna make us like him..? Can't wait to find out
summer1996 summer1996 Aug 21, 2016
Smh..  He's just a little boy in a man's body..  Very selfish  -_-
SanguineRose12 SanguineRose12 Aug 23, 2016
This is a great start for the book. It is amazing. It nearly made me teary eyed. 😭