Broken ~NaLu FanFic~

Broken ~NaLu FanFic~

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~NaLu Forever~ By NaLu_Forev Updated Jul 24, 2016

TITLE AND COVER CHANGED FROM: 'What She's Been Through ~NaLu FanFic~' TO 'BROKEN ~NaLu FanFic~'

Lucy is bullied, particularly by a popular pink-haired teen.

One day he gets ahold of her diary, as a sick joke. But what happens when Natsu learns about her secrets?

An act of sympathy, or true kindness? Or is it more?


*Frequent Bad Words & Violence, Sexual Harassment/Content, & Suicidal Thoughts &/Or Actions.*


joyfire4 joyfire4 Sep 10, 2016
Has anyone read the story mute  awesome  story it is so good to see  read it
LacieStrauss LacieStrauss Oct 20, 2016
Well, up until Mira and I get you and Natsu together! He can be your fixer- upper, and you, his! #FrozenReference *gets high five from Gray*
rice_cakes rice_cakes Aug 01, 2016
you calling me a nerd i have more books then levy does in her apartment....
rice_cakes rice_cakes Aug 01, 2016
No lucy is 3.0 because we still have juvia the stalker shipper to handdle
neltarine neltarine Sep 19, 2016
Typical start of a story, I've learned well from 'Overused Lines on Wattpad'. Funny book.
Stormcloudfire Stormcloudfire Jul 29, 2016
Okay I tried not to ship GaLe for the longest time but well look at how that turned out I ship GaLe soo hard