Broken ~NaLu FanFic~

Broken ~NaLu FanFic~

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~NaLu Forever~ By NaLu_Forev Updated Jul 24

TITLE AND COVER CHANGED FROM: 'What She's Been Through ~NaLu FanFic~' TO 'BROKEN ~NaLu FanFic~'

Lucy is bullied, particularly by a popular pink-haired teen.

One day he gets ahold of her diary, as a sick joke. But what happens when Natsu learns about her secrets?

An act of sympathy, or true kindness? Or is it more?


*Frequent Bad Words & Violence, Sexual Harassment/Content, & Suicidal Thoughts &/Or Actions.*


joyfire4 joyfire4 Sep 10
Has anyone read the story mute  awesome  story it is so good to see  read it
Well, up until Mira and I get you and Natsu together! He can be your fixer- upper, and you, his! #FrozenReference *gets high five from Gray*
you calling me a nerd i have more books then levy does in her apartment....
No lucy is 3.0 because we still have juvia the stalker shipper to handdle
neltarine neltarine Sep 19
Typical start of a story, I've learned well from 'Overused Lines on Wattpad'. Funny book.
Okay I tried not to ship GaLe for the longest time but well look at how that turned out I ship GaLe soo hard