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Waking up in AoT

Waking up in AoT

45.1K Reads 2.7K Votes 63 Part Story
TheFreckledMarcoBodt By TheFreckledMarcoBodt Completed

What happens when a normal, 15-year-old girl suddenly wakes up in her favorite anime?  Read to find out!
-Includes manga spoilers
-Blood, gore, major character death (it's Attack on Titan, what do you expect?)
-I do not own any of the characters, I only own the idea of this fanfic
-More of an action story, not so much romance
-Comment any ideas you have (I have some major points planned, but your opinion is greatly appreciated)
-Enjoy! Please vote/comment!

42zaphod42 42zaphod42 Jan 30
Oh wow, nice job getting the other half of him out of that titan
Red-_-Phoenix Red-_-Phoenix Nov 14, 2016
Agh thank freckled Jesus it as an ending and it might not be discontinued
GoddessOfCalamity GoddessOfCalamity Nov 17, 2016
                              IT HURTS
                              IT HURTS ALREADY
                              *Crawls to my depression corner*
I'm reading this with one of my friend's and she literally fell off the bed laughing
WhipMaster8000 WhipMaster8000 Dec 16, 2016
                              I thought you went to jail
                              Dad:No I did
                              I thought went to a secret mission
                              Me:Well you didn't say anything not even bye
                              Dad:Bye *disappears* 
                              Me:NOO NOT AGAIN
cheafiregod cheafiregod Dec 01, 2016
Me: Levi... what cha think? 
                              Levi: This is bullsh*t. Tch, keep reading.
                              Me: Fine. But why do you have to read with me.
                              Levi: -looks blunt- Mikasa. She told me to cover your eyes if there is smut.
                              Me: -sighs- FRECKLES.