Nicholas Grey Must Not Die | ✓

Nicholas Grey Must Not Die | ✓

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Nicholas Grey was a player. It was a simple fact. He sat atop the class pyramid at Kingston High. With his secretly good grades, athletic skills and beyond Adonis good looks, he was a force to be reckoned with. 

In an attempt to get back at him for playing them all simultaneously, five girls have set up a plan to bring the popular and handsome athlete star down on his knees.

However, things get out of hand when the girls accuse Nicholas of rape and the case is on the verge of going to trial.

Iris Ronan, the girl who was helping the girls in their pursuit of revenge, knows something that could turn the whole trial upside down. 

But shall she tell the truth, the choice and Nicholas's life is in her hands.

(Loosely based on a true story from Tyler Kost's trail)