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Madison By styles_sugar Updated Oct 16

"Watch where you put your nose, Channing. It could get you into trouble."

* * * * *

There isn't a thing about Harry that doesn't cause Channing to go weak at the knees. She'll drool on the job as he stalks past in his money-dripping suit while the girl she babysits tugs endlessly at her sleeve to pull her away. 

But there's more to Harry than the Sex God that Channing views him as. 

She certainly wasn't aware of what she had really signed up for the day she agreed to babysit Harry's daughter, and it isn't until Channing and Harry get more attached that she figures out what exactly this imperious man is hiding, or rather, until she gets trapped in the middle of it.

Harry being mean to other people and a softy and cutie muffin around his duaghter
this is actually so cute omg. I wouldn't mind being a witch its cool