Fxckboy • ed

Fxckboy • ed

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Marlene By tumblrdolans Updated Feb 13, 2016

What happens when Fuckboy Ethan meets Marlene ?¿

" I love you "

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marleneee your speech was so good
                              Oh really cause like I didn’t even like try it was just like improv
                              Omg. WHY CANT YOU JUST TAKE THE FRIKEN COMPLENT
jongiiin- jongiiin- May 31, 2017
I would break his hand if he would touch me. 
                              And if he would interrupt me while I'm listening to music I will cut his dikk off. Sorry Ethan. But I am sensitive
Saltyfrappe Saltyfrappe Mar 19, 2017
My name is Melissa😭😭😂😂 but I would like to kiss Ethan even tho I would get played. I mean shitttt it's Ethan Grant Dolan
ash_grantdolan ash_grantdolan Oct 25, 2017
Am i the only one who thought the both of them were making out with the same girl.... at the same time😂
crazy_mofo001 crazy_mofo001 Apr 07, 2017
Waait the f up they BOTH were making out with ONE GIRL WTF 😂😂
Melissa_Turtles Melissa_Turtles Dec 31, 2017
Ma names Melissa😱 But I don’t wear red lipstick so we good 😂❤️