Fxckboy • ed

Fxckboy • ed

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Marlene By tumblrdolans Updated Feb 13

What happens when Fuckboy Ethan meets Marlene ?¿

" I love you "

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giceliaxo giceliaxo Jul 28
" you better touch me more than you touch your damn phone"😂😂😂
Whorenesty Whorenesty Aug 04
I got the solution tell them to hit me up and then tell them to come to my school one look at my face and they run to Mars cause if me
Fanficsgame Fanficsgame May 07
She should have been like 
                              "You don't gotta tell me*flip hair in his face*" and walk out since the bell rang
Joiromano Joiromano May 18
Ur spelling is off and ur grammar is bad. It's hard to read.
scwiggs scwiggs May 07
I know the solution to that problem..... Look like me & it will solve all ur promblems.... One look and they will run the other direction
I feel a little uncomfortable because my moms name is Stacie. Well it's spelled Stacey but still.