Fxckboy • ed

Fxckboy • ed

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Marlene By tumblrdolans Updated Feb 13, 2016

What happens when Fuckboy Ethan meets Marlene ?¿

" I love you "

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thwknd thwknd May 31
I would break his hand if he would touch me. 
                              And if he would interrupt me while I'm listening to music I will cut his dikk off. Sorry Ethan. But I am sensitive
Melissa_G23 Melissa_G23 Mar 19
My name is Melissa😭😭😂😂 but I would like to kiss Ethan even tho I would get played. I mean shitttt it's Ethan Grant Dolan
Waait the f up they BOTH were making out with ONE GIRL WTF 😂😂
giceliaxo giceliaxo Jul 28, 2016
" you better touch me more than you touch your damn phone"😂😂😂
cuntastrafieee cuntastrafieee Aug 04, 2016
I got the solution tell them to hit me up and then tell them to come to my school one look at my face and they run to Mars cause if me
Omfg my name is Isabel, my bff is Victoria, and my cousin is Melissa