Unity (PP 2)

Unity (PP 2)

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☯️ Ali Lindfield ☯️ By ParadoxicalNotion Updated Jul 01, 2017

Story 2 of Pawprints (read story 1 first)

"The smear has lost lust and gained mistrust" 

Niall has certainly had life bash everything it can at him. He's lost people close to him and other people threatened the wrong person. With one of his closest friends now dead, he is watching his back more than ever.

"His own defences are robust but with some moondust"

With Robyn's condition worsening and thorns in Ethan's side, he can't help feeling like he's losing those two as well. The walls start to close on Niall making the control slip like it had only one time before and that didn't end well. 

"He will combust with her trust"

It wasn't long until he found her gone again, leaving her pack and his heart behind. However, he knows that after this time, they will never be able to take her again.

* mature scenes / sexual content / graphic violence *

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