Trashy Art by A Trashy Person

Trashy Art by A Trashy Person

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MEME KING By SwellSnail Updated Jan 26, 2017

Hello friend, I'm Eli, your local meme rat. Welcome to my art trash can, the place where I belong. 

Look at the end if you want to see something decent
(Requests are open! Also sorry for the art in the beginning, it sucks, but gets slightly better at the end)

Who wants to see my horrible art? I'm kidding,  it's actually pretty decent,  but my camera is awful,  so get ready for some bad quality images. There's some OCs in here because I like designing characters and there will also be fan art. Everything I draw is original and free-handed, no tracing.  Enjoy! (Or try to.)

Vote spam is welcome, I hope you like my trash.