The Immortal legacy (Black Mists Demon)

The Immortal legacy (Black Mists Demon)

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Tavain Martin By Immortal_legacy Completed

In the world of cultivation, strength is the only thing that matters, where one is weak, magical treasures can save a life and the strong could destroy a mountain with the flip of his palm. 

"Half human, half Immortal, does the gods favor me or is this a curse of standing on the earth and looking up at the heavens" "I shall seal the underworld, for my will is everlasting" 

Chaos dyes the world red in blood, battles are fought to the death, regret and fear is easily born through gritted teeth, can Jai Lin rise and burn like the sun in a world of brutality, will hate consume him "Your eyes see nothing, now be gone with the Tensugan" 

Do you dare to read, do you dare to be amazed, do you dare to be shocked... If yes well welcome to The Immortal legacy

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coolkid23brick coolkid23brick Mar 19, 2017
Yeah, a martial artist that flees from a fight, doesn't deserve to be called a martial artist.😌
dark-heresy dark-heresy Jun 01, 2017
im a bit confused over the power scaling
                              if i understood this correctly the defenders were the second strongest of the six kingdoms and the attacker were the third so why was the defenders so outclassed? or did i just read it wrong
CelestialNavigator CelestialNavigator Dec 27, 2017
This is the weirdest stylization I have read, but let’s see if author has some interesting plot in storage.
Tsuyu-Chan Tsuyu-Chan Feb 22, 2017
Wish we had these things then i wouldnt have to worry about resting
CorinneBell1 CorinneBell1 May 28, 2016
This is truly epic! 
                              the thought you have put into it , the descriptions and the words you use, make it come alive for the reader.. very , very good!
MariahDiTillio MariahDiTillio Aug 27, 2016
The story's great but why did a giant wave come out of no where?