soul mates 》zustin

soul mates 》zustin

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♡ By rearviewz Updated Dec 30, 2017

soul marks.

every person is born with a soul mark, this mark signifies your soulmate; the person who you are to be with for the rest of your life.

zayn thinks it's bullshit. 

why should a mark on his body tell him who and who not he should date?

zayn thinks love is a choice.

no, zayn believes love is a choice.

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-lattecity -lattecity Mar 03, 2016
Aww, Zayn and Perrie are breaking up. This is so sad. I love this story by the way.
selcouthrimo selcouthrimo Jul 09, 2016
"she dropped zayn faster than she used to drop on her knees for him." this one gets the cake
dharyism dharyism Apr 29, 2016
...and love is not a choice. Sorry sorry, it was right there and I knew I had to take the chance. It's panic at the disco...I mean it was an urge.
xixiemia xixiemia Apr 15, 2016
Please update and finish this story pf yours. I really love it so much. Thank you