My Brother's Best Friend •  Prucan

My Brother's Best Friend • Prucan

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spamano trash By MaddiexRose Completed

Matthew and Alfred are brothers, but polar opposites. While Alfred is incredibly loud, popular, and athletic, Matthew is a bit on the quieter, artistic side. Matthew has always found Alfred's friends obnoxiously annoying, but one day, during the "awesome trio's" usual hangout, Matthew finds himself engaging in conversation with Gilbert, realizing he's not as obnoxious as he assumed. 

(a lot of usuk... I'm warning you)

* Art by @lattegalaxies on Tumblr *

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Uliratha Uliratha Aug 06
@ctrl-alt-delete-me I just spent a minute of my life to read that. And it was worth every second. bECAUSE IT IS SO TRUE.
NiclaInABox NiclaInABox Sep 05
He shoulda named it tip of the dicc after Miami 
                              Ye, I'm fúckíng biased
NiclaInABox NiclaInABox Sep 05
¿Soy la única que puede hablar Español fletamento con fluidez?
Me and my friends everyday all day for the redt of our lives XD
"I hate you."
                              "The feeling's mutual."
                              A conversation me and my friend have at least once everyday.
NiclaInABox NiclaInABox Sep 05
                              "Prepare for the storm"
                              Yes, actually, hurricane Irma is coming for my ass this weekend